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When Virginia residents are arrested on a weekend or in the middle of the night, they have a place to turn. Virginia criminal defense law lawyer Darren Meyer focuses his practice on the following areas:

DUI – Our job is not to find a way to immediately plead guilty. Attorney Darren Meyer takes a detail-oriented approach in gathering the facts. He reviews all the reports and documentation. Far too much is at stake to shy away from aggressive protection of your rights.

Reckless driving – A conviction is not automatic if you have been ticketed for excess speeding or dangerous driving. No detail is too small. For instance, Attorney Meyer looks into whether radar detectors were properly calibrated and that officers followed procedure and didn’t violate your rights.

Driving on suspended license – Handling cases involving suspended licenses requires a certain level of finesse. That is the level of advocacy that Darren Meyer provides. He gets to the facts and assesses all the circumstances to seek to minimize the penalties.

Speeding tickets and traffic violations – At the law office of Darren Meyer, we try the majority of traffic cases instead of negotiating for a lesser offense immediately. Our job is to take an aggressive approach in cross-examining the officer on the facts of the case.

Drug crimes – We represent clients charged with marijuana, cocaine and heroin possession, distribution and manufacturing. We also advocate for clients facing charges of prescription drug fraud involving Percocet, OxyContin and Vicodin.

Assault and battery – Criminal defense attorney Darren Meyer handles cases that involve both domestic and non-domestic assault cases. Violence between married couples is rife with emotion. Charges cannot just be dropped because the victim changed their mind.

Shoplifting, theft and fraud – Whether you are charged with stealing merchandise in a store, writing a bad check or embezzling money from your employer, the consequences of a theft conviction are serious. You need a legal advocate at your side.

Probation violations – Focusing on a client’s positive attributes can go a long way in a probation violation case. Stability in employment and financial responsibilities could mean the difference between staying out of jail and going back to jail.

Bond hearings – Fact-finding is important in representing clients at bond hearings. Similar to cases involving probation violations, we bring out the positives and downplay the negatives.

Juvenile crimes – Attorney Darren Meyer also handles juvenile charges including underage drinking, DUI, assault and other criminal charges.

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