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Fredericksburg Assault & Battery Attorney

Fredricksburg VA Domestic Violence Defense Lawyer

Handling crimes that involve assault and battery are sometimes rife with emotion. Two people living under the same roof involved in a violent act can end a relationship or tear a family apart. You not only need an aggressive criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights, but also a compassionate advocate who is able to understand the personal aspects of your case.

That level of representation is what we provide Virginia residents at the law office of Darren Meyer. Far too much is at stake to retain an uncaring, inaccessible attorney who wants to dispose of the case by having you plead guilty.

Regardless of when the alleged violent act occurred, you can reach attorney Darren Meyer at any time. Contact us at 540-840-8470.

Violent Acts Between Family Members

In many assault and battery cases that involve spouses, the husband or wife victimized by a violent act does not want to press charges. However, once charges are filed, the victim cannot recant the domestic violence allegations. We counter that with fighting for anger management classes to have the charges dismissed, specifically if it involves a first offense.

The Defense Of Defending Yourself

Assault and battery instances that do not involve family members are often the result of self-defense. Force was needed to combat the force used against you. The job of the Commonwealth is to prove that unlawful conduct occurred in a rude, angry and vengeful manner. Our job is to counter it with evidence from hospital reports to witness statements.

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