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Mr. Meyer helped us navigate an unfamiliar process and system with a successful outcome. He was readily available to address our multitude of questions, always returning phone calls promptly. Mr. Meyer has established a solid foundation for himself in the Fredericksburg legal system and has a great rapport with the individuals within that system. – Client requested to remain anonymous , posted May 21, 2012.

I, too, had the same experience as Kurt below. Reckless driving reduced and driving school. Flat fee, no extra costs. Appeared in court for me. Called back within a day of appearance to let me know results. Definitely recommend Darren. – Jim, posted May 19, 2012.

Very impressed with Mr. Meyer’s legal representation. I received a reckless driving in the Fredericksburg area. He appeared in court on my behalf and I did not have to appear. He got the judge to give me driving school and the charge would be dismissed. Mr. Meyer made the process extremely pleasant from beginning to end. I would definitely recommend Mr. Meyer if you have a Fredericksburg area reckless driving or traffic charge. – Kurt, posted May 3, 2012.

I would recommend Mr. Meyer to anyone needing legal advice. He is very professional and dedicated to helping his clients understand the law. He is easy to reach and very prompt to return a call. – Google user J.L, posted April 14, 2012.

I have known Mr. Meyer for many years. He always conducts himself in a very professional manner. He is attentive to his clients needs. He takes his responsibility for his clients very seriously. He is also helpful and informative. He would be the first person that I would recommend! – Carol, posted April 9, 2012.

I have had the pleasure of doing business with Mr. Meyer on multiple occasions over the last few years. You will be hard pressed to find an attorney more willing to go the extra mile for his clients. Excellent attention to detail, very prompt, very thorough, and always only a phone call away. – Jason, posted April 4, 2012.

Mr. Meyer is an excellent attorney. He gets back to you in a timely manner, he is very informative and takes care of his clients. – Kimberly, posted March 29, 2012.

Dedicated, diligent, and professional. Was introduced to Mr. Meyer several years ago and I have always been impressed with the manner in which he conducts himself. – James, posted March 16, 2012

Mr. Meyer has gone “Above and Beyond” in defending my boyfriend with his 1st offense DUI charge and 3rd offense driving with no license. In saying this, if you break the law there will be consequences regardless of who your attorney is however I would RECOMMEND Mr. Meyer to anyone looking for a dedicated, fair and honest attorney. Mr. Meyer has restored my faith in “fairness” within the legal system. Once again, thank you Mr. Meyer for all your dedication!! Your personal “integrity” and “fairness” of your position representing the public is what puts you ABOVE others~ Donna Kihnley, posted March 8, 2012.

Great lawyer gets back to you in a very timely manner, very well informed and takes very good care of his clients. He represents me an one of my brother I would definitely go back. – Nicholas, posted March 2, 2012
Very efficient and honest, great qualities in a lawyer. – Google user, posted February 3, 2012.

Mr Myers is an excellent attorney, he actually cares about his work. It is a great comfort to know you can call him and discuss the situation at anytime, making it seem like it is not an inconvenience. He puts a lot of time and effort to support his clients, and it shows in the results. – Google user, posted January 26, 2012.

When the time comes that you need someone to be on your side in a situation Mr. Darren Meyer is a GREAT asset to have on your side. Regardless of the situation he takes the time to listen to what you have to say and gives the best qualified and honest advice to help you deal with what ever the situation is, Unlike most lawyers who seem to just want your money then dont fight for you he is less worried about that and more attentive to what need to be taken care of then deal with everything else later. I will and have already refered him to anyone that i know that needs his great expert advise and will continue to do so !!! – Craig, January 24, 2012.

Darren was very knowledgeable and was very easy to work with. He held me get through my legal situation very smoothly and with results better than i ever expected. If I ever find myself in the situation where I need a lawyer, you can bet I will call Darren again. – J. David, posted January 14, 2012

I have consulted Mr. Meyer on several occasions. It’s safe to say that his knowledge of the legal system far exceeds the majority of attorneys in this area. He is extremely compassionate, understanding and most importantly – an excellent communicator. He does not speak in legal jargon and makes sure that you understand everything you’re discussing. I initially contacted Mr. Meyer to help remove an arrest record for an assault charge in my past. The charges were all thrown out of court – yet I find out during a pre-employment screen that there’s still a record of the charge – albeit it does contain a “dismissed’ note. Obviously this would always set off alarm bells and even more so in this economic climate. I explained the situation to Darren, who talked me through each step of what we would need to do. He discussed specifics, forms and most importantly success rates. He made sure that I understood the legal process and wanted to pursue the removal before even mentioning fees. He charged me an extremely reasonable rate and did an outstanding job of having my good name restored. I’d highly recommend Mr. Meyer for anyone in need of legal services. – Rob, posted January 6, 2011.

I recently used Darren Meyer for a court case that I was involved in. He was GREAT! He gave me his personal cell phone number so I could contact him. I thought because of the high profile of my case is why he gave me his number to get in contact with him. He told me that he does this with all his clients! Great service in the court room and leading up to the case. The price was very reasonable, and after being found NOT guilty, the cost was worth EVERY penny! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! – David, posted December 8, 2011.

I was reffered to Mr. Meyer for a traffic case by a friend of mine. After speaking with him I felt confident that the outcome of my case would be positive. When we went to court Mr. Meyer worked very hard to explain everything that was going on and what would happen. His hard work helped me get a reduced charge and a very favorable outcome. I would certainly recommend him to anyone that was a good quality, hard working attorney. – Matthew, posted November 5, 2011.

I recently got robbery, grand larceny, and conspiracy charges..and Darren Meyers was my court appointed lawyer at first i thought i was screwed honestly…i thought how am i gonna get out of this scott free…and i was just there when the robbery took place…this is my first time ever being in trouble really…but after talking to Darren Meyers and explaining my case to him…i knew i had nothing to worry about..and he also told me that i have nothing to worry about and i believed him..i went to court today and i was very scared…but he got me out of there with just 3 years good behavior and a misdemeanor…I’m glad that he was my lawyer..and i wanna thank him for helping me…he is a very good lawyer… – Ashley, posted October 20, 2011.

Mr.Darren Meyer is very knowledgeable, professional, approachable, and outstanding attorney. Mr.Meyer is very experienced and caring attorney, he knows exactly what you are going through and provide his personalized attention. He is very prompt to your questions and concerns. Mr.Meyer works tirelessly to get his clients the best possible results. At the first meeting Mr. Meyer gave me a very clear picture of what to expect. He patiently answered my questions and addressed my concerns and guided me in the right direction.I was very fortunate that I appointed Mr. Meyer as my attorney. I would highly recommend Mr.Meyer for his kind hearted nature, and for his professionalism. – Mishi, posted October 15, 2011.

My wife selected Mr. Meyer to defend her traffic ticket for an accident in June 2011. He was very professional with complete understanding of the situation of what happened, as described by my wife and I. She pleaded “Not Guilty” to the charges that were imposed. The negotiation with the judge lasted about 15 minutes, and the “Not Guilty” plea was accepted. His performance was truly outstanding. Norman, posted October 10, 2011

I know and dealt with over 10 lawyers and have never experienced such a great service form any lawyer. When hiring a lawyer, the first important unknown in mind is weather you trust that lawyer to defend you properly and what type of ride you’re in, during and until your court date. Darren Mayr is approachable, knowledgeable, available, and he demonstrates his professionalism by action not words. I was truly impressed with how responsive and easy to reach he was every time. Besides all the high level of service he was just as good in the court room. – Majid, posted October 5, 2011

I was facing a class 5 felony, up to one year in prison, and lose of my license for six months for a hit and run (involving alcohol). I an 37 years old and I have never been in trouble with the law. I was terrified on the day of my hearing. Well, I walked away with a reduces sentence of a misterminer, a fine , ASAP classes, and my license was untouched. I DIDNT LOSE MY DRIVING PRIVILEGES! It was an amazing day in court. From what I observed my day in court with Darren Meyer, he is a highly respected attorney who nows the in’s and out’s of the courts and gets the job done. I will highly recommend him and I am forever grateful for the outcome of my hearing. ……Thanks again Darren Meyers. Your amazing!!! Betsy, posted September 20, 2011.

Mr. Meyer was recommended to us.  While driving to DC and passing through Spotsylvania County, our son was charged with reckless driving (85 in a 70 mph). We knew how harsh the penalties for a reckless driving conviction can be so we sought legal representation.  Mr. Meyer recommended several proactive steps that our son could take prior to the hearing. He was prompt and professional in answering all our questions. On the day of the hearing, he was very prepared, punctual, and professional and a strong advocate for our son. The charge was reduced and we are pleased with the outcome. We are grateful for all the work Mr. Meyer did for our son.

I would like to say, from my own personal experience that Darren Meyer was an amazing attorney. I had gotten a reckless driving ticket in Stafford County on interstate 95, going 27mph over the speed limit. After learning that I could lose my license and have an extremely high fine, along with a reckless driving ticket on my record, I contacted Darren. I had a prior reckless driving on my record and he still was able to get it reduced to simple speeding (79/65) and I did not lose my license. I would recomend him to anyone who is in the position that I was in. He is very professional and extremely helpful. – Stephanie, posted September 15, 2011

Mr. Darren Meyer is an excellent lawyer. I was charged with reckless driving 86/70. Mr Meyer successfully defended my case and had the charge reduced to speeding 79/70 in conjunction with successful completion of driving school. Darren is very communicative and responded to my emails/calls within minutes. I would definitely recommend Mr. Meyer for your legal issues. I was extremely pleased with his prompt and professional service. – Victoria, posted on August 25, 2011

Darren is an exceptional attorney. My son was subpoenaed as a witness to a crime in which he was at risk of being charged as a participant. Darren was able to negotiate immunity for my sons testimony, and then was able to conclude the case without my son having to appear in front of the judge. It was a pleasure working with Darren and I will certainly consider his services if I have any future legal issues. – Dr. Toney, posted August 24, 2011

Darren is amazing, I would say just unbelievable. I received a reckless driving ticket driving 93/70 on Virginia 85. Darren prepared very carefully for the case. He made my charge reduced to just the driving school and a small speeding ticket of 79/70, with just a $45 fee! I almost could not believe this was true. With that, Darren’s fee was not high, compared to other attorneys. I am grateful the attorney like him exists, and I think I was lucky to work with him. Give him a shot if you need an attorney, you will be not disappointed. – Kate, posted on August 24, 2011

Darren was a fantastic lawyer. I received a reckless driving ticket in Stafford County, going 85 in a 65. Not only did he show up in court for me, he got the charges dismissed pending my completion of driving school. And on top of all of this, his flat rated was very reasonable. If you need someone to represent you, give Darren a shot, you wont be disappointed. – Lance, posted on August 7, 2011

If you find yourself in the need of a proficient attorney call Mr Darren Meyer, he recently defended me. I cannot be more pleased in the outcome of the case, without him the outcome could have been much worse. Mr Meyer took very good care of me, kept me informed, never left me hanging and always answered my calls or returned them in short order. Again if you find yourself in the need of outstanding representation in a legal issue call Mr Meyers. – Mike, posted on July 25, 2011

Darren did a fantastic job representing me. He was always available to talk even asking me to call him on holidays so he could fill me in. This was my first run in with the law and he did a great job keeping me calm and collected throughout the process. The great thing about Daren is he never sugar coats the truth. He will tell you all the possibilities up front. Although he always produced favorable results he never once gave me a false hope. Daren is very knowledgeable and has numerous connections which helped substantially. I would highly recommend Daren for anyone needing criminal law representation in Fredericksburg. – Erich, posted on July 16, 2011

Mr. Meyer didn’t let me down. After speaking with many attorneys for a crime that was being put on me when I was caught up with the wrong people at the wrong time, Darren Meyer was more than honest and helpful. He broke everything down and explained what was going to happen step by step. He didn’t give up on me, and fought till the end.I recommend Darren to everyone, If ever in need for anything I will ALWAYS call Mr. Meyer first. Darren, thank you again for everything. I’d never be where I am today without your amazing help. – Hope, posted on July 9, 2011

MR MEYER IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED BY MYSELF. he was very professional and broke down what was going to happen, how it was going to happen, and what all came of my case in the end. Very nice guy who will try as hard as he can to put his clients before himself. Also, i liked how accessible he was. I called him on a saturday afternoon to ask for his legal guidance and he promptly answered and set me all up. THANK YOU MR MEYER – Anonymous review posted on Google, posted on July 8, 2011

LOOK NO FURTHER, BECAUSE THE BEST ATTORNEY IN FREDERICKSBURG IS DARREN MEYER: Darren Meyer was there for us when we needed him the most. Sometimes, troublesome times happen to good families. Darren takes the time and goes the extra mile to accomplish the best and most desired results in the courtroom. I would recommend Darren to anyone who finds themselves in need of an attorney. He is a shark in the courtroom, and with a no nonsense legal attitude, Darren will advocate for you and your rights within the judicial system. My family and I are truly grateful we acquired Darren’s legal assistance in our time of need. Darren will do the same for you. Not only that, he will give you honest legal advise and if he tells you not to worry, then don’t! If Darren is representing you in court, you are in good hands. – Kate, posted July 7, 2011

Mr. Meyer did nothing but help me. His prompt & good natured work style helped me beyond belief… Money well spent. .. I recommend him to anyone that might feel lost in the legal system. He will be there to help you understand the “legal issues”… I needed that. He is honest and fair, and hold him in the highest regards…. – Paul, posted July 7, 2011

I hope I never need his help again, but if I do, Darren Meyer will be my first call. He kept me informed of all my options, made me comfortable with the process, and was always available when I needed to talk. He was willing to exhaust every resource to help me get the best possible outcome. He was truly an advocate for me. – Jordan, posted June 30, 2011.

Mr. Meyers is the complete package as a lawyer. His foresight in preparing me for my trial enhanced the ability to plea my case and also alleviated my punishment when the plea was made. He is well known and seemed liked by everyone involved in the legal process and he made me feel like I was his only client while at court. His assistance did not stop with the verdict either, as he enabled me to get my restricted drivers license the very next day and got the judge to hold the suspension until I was able to get my restricted. I have never seen or heard of a lawyer as considerate, pro-active and thoughtful, and were I to ever get into trouble with the law again, God Forbid, Mr. Meyers is the first person I would call. – Richard, posted June 22, 2011

Darren Meyer is very professional, prompt and courteous. His knowledge in my case led to a reduced charge, no loss of my license and no time in jail. I am very pleased with every aspect of this experience. Mr. Meyer has earned an A++ rating from me and will be the first person we call if we ever need any type of legal representation/advice again! – DM, posted June 8, 2011

Darren Meyer represented me in Stafford County for a reckless ticket, speeding 77 MPH in a 55 zone. From what I’ve heard, and what I saw while in court, Stafford County is pretty notorious for not only writing a lot of traffic tickets, but enforcing them in the courts as well. I’m not going to lie, seeing the judgements prior to mine had me quite intimidated, but Mr. Meyer stepped up to the plate and not only was able to reduce my ticket to a non-reckless infraction that so few other defendants were able to receive, but had it reduced to an “Improper Driving”. This reduced my DMV demerit points to -3 instead of -4, reduced the court fine significantly, and most importantly is expunged from my record in 3 years instead of 5. Thank you Mr. Meyer for saving me lots of money both upfront and long term in the form of insurance increases. I would highly recommend anyone with pending charges to call him for a free consultation. – Colin, posted June 5, 2011

Darren Meyer receives an A++ in my book as well. He was always only a call away. If he was unable to answer when I called it wasn’t more than 30 minutes or so until I heard back from him. He was VERY helpful with everything I needed. He knows how to talk to people, very down to earth. He was able to get the charges against me dropped and helped to make sure my good name wasn’t ruined over this. He is extremely well educated and knows how to get it done. From the moment I first spoke with him I knew I was in good hands. If I am ever in any legal situation again I’ll be calling him right off the bat. I would recommend anyone in need of an attorney to give him a call today and see how the legal system can be much less frightening when you have a excellent and experienced attorney on your side. – Josh, posted May 14, 2011

Best Attorney out there. Darren Meyer is an exceptional attorney who fights vigorously for his clients. Mr. Meyer takes the time to explain things to his clients and serves as an advocate for them throughout the legal process. Darren really knows the law and worked very hard to get me an optimal result. He will do the same for you. If you need legal help, stop looking and call Darren Meyer right now. – Josh, posted May 3, 2011

My husband was at the courthouse a few weeks ago on a matter involving our son. He was running into obstacles everywhere he turned and happened to run into Darren Meyer, Attorney. Mr. Meyer immediately offered to help as he said he did not have to be in court quite yet. Because of his caring and helpful attitude my husband was able to accomplish in a little while what was going to have to be postponed to another day. It was quite obvious that Mr. Meyer was more interested in being of assistance to a very frustrated older man than he was his own agenda or any monetary gain. If we ever need a lawyer he would be the first one we would call. We were truly impressed with this young man. – Donna, posted April 22, 2011

Hands down, the best. Darren offers the best mix of legal talent, creativity, professionalism and integrity and will be there to answer any questions, calm your nerves or just give you legal advice 24/7 – literally. He makes himself available and truly cares about his clients – and even those who aren’t. He is an strong advocate who will stand by your side, from beginning to end, to represent you aggressively and professionally caring more about results than just dollar signs. If anyone or myself should ever need an attorney (again), Darren Meyer is the one! – Kelly, posted April 12, 2011

I was looking for a confident, experienced, and knowledgeable attorney to represent me in a assault and battery case. Darren Meyer came high recommended from individuals within the legal community. I hired Mr. Myer based on the recommendation and that was the best decision I could have made during that trying time. He worked very hard and demonstrated confidence, knowledge and professionalism in all aspects of the case. He truly cares about the lives of his clients and their careers. At the end the case he got the charges dismissed. Mr. Myer also went the extra mile and assisted me in getting the arrest record expunged. I could not have ask for a better attorney. If I ever need an attorney again (hopefully I will not 🙂 I will always look to Darren Meyer for legal representation. – Verronda, posted April 5, 2011

I can’t say enough about Mr. Meyer. He is a great attorney and I would recommend him to anybody. You are in great hands with Mr. Meyer. His price is fair and the service is excellent. His confidence helped me have a positive outlook on the events to come and at the end of the case DISMISSED !!!!!! Hopefully I wont need him again but if I do, Mr Meyer your number is programmed in my phone. Thank You. – Mr. G, posted March 29, 2011

Ms.Sumner, Mar 29 2011, I hired Mr. Meyer to represent my son on 4 different occasions. My son was under 21 years of age and had gotten himself in trouble with the law. Mr. Meyer represented my son very well, he was caring and showed confidence in his ability to help him in his charges (which weren’t minor charges). he was very affordable and dependable he stayed in touch with us through out the cases and kept us from worring about the outcome.Which was great!!. I highly recommend Mr. Meyer to everyone. My son and I are very grateful and appreciative for all he’s done for us. – Rhonda, posted March 29, 2011

Mr. Meyer is a lawyer that I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND. He makes himself always available and is sincerce about his practice and not so much the payment. Darren had the best price in my search. Although I’m not a resident of VA, Darren accommodated conveniently. GREATLY APPRECIATED! – Shane, posted March 26, 2011

Mr. Meyer is an excellent Lawyer, and is well respected by the courts. He was always available, very affordable and diligent in defending my innocence. Darren was able to get some pretty ugly charges dropped to a slap on the wrist. He saved my life. – Teresa, posted March 22, 2011

Darren Meyer was fabulous. Quick to contact you even after normal work hours. Very thankful to have him defending me in court. – Heather, posted March 9, 2011

Mr. Meyer had represented me for a pretty cut and dry DUI, however; he was able to work a deal so that all I received was a reckless driving infraction. I do not think another lawyer would have tried to negotiate or push for such a break. He truly cares about getting the best outcome for his client and will push as hard as he can for the greater good. He makes himself always available for questions and concerns throughout the entire process. I would not be as successful as I am in life if he had not been as diligent and persistent as he was for my case. I am truly greatful and would highly recommend his legal counsel. He is one of a kind. – Scott, posted March 2, 2011

Had a reckless driving charge dropped due to great representation. He came well prepared and tried multiple angles – one of which caught the officer in a pickle and resulted with the case being dismissed. He saved me at least a thousand dollars as well as loss of license and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND HIM. Couldn’t thank him enough! – Steven, posted February 27, 2011

Mr. Meyer successfully defended a reckless driving (90/65) violation for me. If found guilty, the charge would have been added to my record which already contains three prior speeding violations. My previous record made it absolutely necessary to hire a lawyer and I’m very happy with the decision I made. My best case scenario going into court was to have the violation reduced to speeding; it would still be points on my record, but at least it wouldn’t be reckless. Mr. Meyer plead my case and argued that I should be allowed driving school in lieu of a guilty charge of reckless driving. When the judge agreed I was completely shocked and thankful. I have been granted two months to complete driving school and the charge will be completely dismissed. I would definitely recommend Mr. Meyer to anyone seeking legal assistance in his area of expertise. His professionalism, hard work and determination will definitely pay off. – Dan, posted February 22, 2011

Darren is a passionate and caring criminal defense lawyer. He is professional and knows what his clients are going through. He also saved me from going to jail on a bogus charge. I defended myself by shooting a dog that attacked me and was charged with animal cruelty. Because of the letter of the law the judge had to convict me (Read the law it’s quite ridiculous) but because of Mr. Meyers expertise I was let off with a slap on the wrist ($200.00 fine) instead of the usual jail time (minimum 1 month from my research). I would highly recommend him to anyone out there that needs an honest attorney with your interest in mind. – Andrew Smith, posted February 16, 2011

Mr. Meyer has represented me in two criminal cases this year. In the first case I was speeding in excess of 100mph. This particular county and this particular judge typically issues automatic jail time. Mr. Meyer got me off with a restricted license. The second case in which he represented me was more severe, typically resulting in 30 days in jail. Mr. Meyer managed to work out a deal with the prosecutor where I received no jail time, no further suspension of my drivers license, and a mere $100.00 fine. Even the judge was surprised that the prosecuting attorney had agreed to this. He has literally saved my life twice now. I highly recommend him to anyone who finds themselves in bad predicament! – Brian, posted February 10, 2011