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Fredericksburg Drug Crimes Lawyer

Fredericksburg VA Marijuana Possession Attorney

Being convicted of a drug crime in the state of Virginia could mean a lengthy stay in prison, large fines or the loss of your driver’s license. You need an attorney who is not only accessible when you need him, but also experienced and aggressive in handling complex cases involving possession, distribution and trafficking.

The time of day that your arrest occurred is not an issue for criminal defense attorney Darren Meyer. His business line is also his cell phone and he answers it at all hours of the day. You should not have to wait to secure the legal advocacy you so desperately need following an arrest for a drug crime.

Do not put your drug crimes case in the hands of a lesser-experienced attorney quick to negotiate a plea bargain instead of protecting your rights. Contact us at 540-840-8470.

The Need For An Aggressive Drug Crimes Defense

At the law office of Darren Meyer, we find that marijuana-related criminal charges are the most common drug crimes that come to our office. A charge of possession is not a minor legal issue that you can handle on your own. For a first offense, you could be given 30 days in jail and a six-month suspension of your driver’s license. Penalties for distribution, manufacturing and trafficking carry more serious consequences.

You need an attorney who knows the nuances of drug crime cases. That includes confirming the weight of the cocaine, heroin or marijuana. In addition, you require an advocate to identify who actually possessed the illegal narcotic as opposed to you being around someone who owned it.

When Prescription Fraud Is The Result Of An Addiction

We also represent clients charged with prescription fraud involving Percocet, Oxycontin or Vicodin. Many cases involve addiction. That information is immediately brought to the attention of the courts.

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