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Fredricksburg Virginia Criminal Defense Attorney

Our Fredericksburg Criminal Law Firm

While many Virginia-based criminal defense attorneys tout their accessibility, Darren Meyer has backed up his reputation with action. Clients arrested in the middle of the night or over the weekend can count on him to be available at all hours. The number you call will put you in touch with him via his cell phone.

If the police are arresting you and then prosecutors charging you with a theft or drug crime, do not wait until regular business hours. Why should you?

Secure the advocacy you need now, rather than later. You need an aggressive advocate and spokesman to protect your rights if you are facing DUI or assault charges. Contact attorney Darren Meyer at 540-840-8470.

A Lifelong Resident Helping His Fredericksburg-Area Neighbors

Criminal defense lawyer Darren Meyer is a lifelong resident of the Fredericksburg area. He received his Juris Doctor at the Widener University School of Law. There, he planted the seeds for his future career and success by focusing on criminal law, trial advocacy, and litigation. His internship at the Stafford County Commonwealth Attorney’s Office provided him with unique insight into how the opposing side handles complex criminal law cases.

Currently, Mr. Meyer is admitted to practice in Virginia. He also maintains active memberships in the Virginia Bar Association, the American Bar Association and the Fredericksburg Bar Association.

Personalized And Affordable Around-the-Clock Advocacy

Professional achievements are one thing, a personal touch is another. Darren Meyer is fiercely dedicated to finding the best resolution to his clients’ criminal cases at affordable rates. He understands that his clients’ legal problems come when they least expect them. Regular office hours may work well for some attorneys. However, Darren Meyer understands that his job is around-the-clock.

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For more information or to schedule a free initial consultation with an experienced criminal defense lawyer, please contact Darren Meyer, Attorney at Law – Fredericksburg VA.