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Fredericksburg Lawyer for Property Crimes

Hunting on unmarked private land. Spray painting graffiti art on a building wall without permission. Retrieving a baseball that flew over a neighbor’s fence. These are forms of trespass or destruction of property. Getting charged with a property crime is easier than you think. It is important to talk to a lawyer who understands the nuances of Virginia property law.

Attorney Darren Meyer can help you avoid the penalties for property crimes, including trespass and destruction of property. Contact a Fredericksburg attorney for your property crime concerns today at 540-840-8470.

Representing Clients For Trespass Violations

At Darren Meyer, Attorney at Law, we represent clients charged with trespassing. An individual may trespass on private property without realizing it. For example, a notice or sign may have been posted in an obscure spot or could have fallen down or been removed.

Mr. Meyer will listen to every detail surrounding the alleged trespass and defend you against the charge. If convicted, you could face serious consequences such as:

  • A criminal record
  • High fines
  • Jail time

The severity of the penalties depend on certain factors: whether “no trespassing” signs were posted on the property, whether the trespasser was a child or adult, or whether this was the first time the individual trespassed, to name a few. Mr. Meyer will candidly discuss your options with you. Schedule a consultation with him today.

Fredericksburg Lawyer Defending Against Destruction of Property

Darren Meyer also defends against destruction of property and other property crimes. Commonly known as vandalism, destruction of property involves intentionally destroying, damaging, defacing or removing property of another person. Vandalism can take many forms, such as:

  • Broken windows
  • A trampled bed of flowers
  • Graffiti
  • Arson
  • Slashed tires on a bike

What might seem like a practical joke may have serious consequences down the road. Depending on the amount of damage, you could face time in jail and high monetary damages. Mr. Meyer will investigate every detail of your property damage charge and provide a high level of representation.

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For more information on trespass, destruction of property or other property crimes, turn to Darren Meyer, Attorney at Law – Fredericksburg VA. Contact a property crimes attorney at our Fredericksburg office at 540-840-8470.